If you own a home in Mead, Newman Lake, Cheney, Liberty Lake, or Spokane, Washington siding replacement can provide many benefits, and we are expert siding installers. Vinyl siding is extremely popular because it provides a number of different very valuable benefits. First and perhaps foremost, you get maximum value for your home improvement dollar when you utilize vinyl siding. Professionally installed vinyl siding costs considerably less than wood siding. Most people are working within budget constraints, so this is a huge selling point.

Man installing new vinyl siding replacement

Versatility is something that is also very appealing about the vinyl siding Spokane area homeowners can obtain from our company. The stylistic options are limitless, because the siding comes in hundreds of different colors covering the entire spectrum. There are many different textures available, so if you like the look of cedar shakes, you can choose vinyl siding that looks exactly like cedar. Other possibilities include scallops, horizontal panels, vertical panels, board and batten designs, traditional lap, and Dutch lap siding.

The third important benefit that you enjoy when you choose vinyl as your siding replacement material is the extraordinary durability. Vinyl siding will withstand the elements, even during heavy rain and windstorms. Unlike wood siding, it is moisture resistant, so it can never rot or corrode. Plus, it is built to last, and long-term warranties are offered by many vinyl siding manufacturers.

It can be time-consuming and labor-intensive to paint wood siding on your own, and it is expensive to bring in a professional. Nonetheless, this type of maintenance is required to maintain the integrity of the siding. Cleaning is also difficult when you have wood siding. Things are entirely different with vinyl siding. There is no painting involved, so it is maintenance free, and it is easy to clean. A single annual cleaning will allow your vinyl siding to maintain its original appearance for many years.

There is another huge advantage that you realize when you use this siding replacement material. Insulated vinyl siding prevents thermal bridging, which is a term that is used to describe heat loss between the exterior wall studs. This keeps your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, so it will lower your heating and cooling costs.

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